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Expert migrations mean seamless data center transformation

Migrations are no small feat. Yet, they're necessary ventures when migrating to cloud, consolidating data centers, or transitioning off of legacy infrastructure. From ensuring the optimal platform strategy for your business requirements, to executing moves in a timely and safe way, our migration services help you modernize and transform.

During data center transformation, the goal is to ensure every detail is addressed for a safe and smooth transition — and the most efficient use of platforms. But complexities can be discovered along the way such as stagnant data, abandoned applications, and inconsistent processes. Using the right methodologies is critical to meet availability, scalability, security, and efficiency targets and properly support the business.

Our migration services can help you
  • Increase visibility of your IT estate, including infrastructure, configurations, and dependencies
  • Efficiently plan, build, and execute a transition to cloud or new data centers
  • Support business growth and modernization efforts
  • Improve processes and governance to control expenditures and reduce risk
  • Simplify IT management and enable digital transformation

The ingredients for success
It's all too easy for migration issues to derail a transformation initiative. Let our team be your insurance for systematic, efficient, and timely migrations. Stay on track with a proven combination of tools and expertise.
We offer
  • Customized migration plans that specify timelines, risk mitigation measures, and critical resources required
  • Expedited services for urgent needs or major events
  • A time-tested methodology for migrating with zero-to-minimal disruption to the business
  • Cloud migration services to help you accelerate transformation and take full advantage of cloud resources
  • Proprietary tools and processes to save you time, money, and excess inputs

Benefits of Service

  • Control
    Create and manage a customized replication schedule designed for large-scale migrations, and track the progress of each migration.
  • Agility
    Perform migrations faster while minimizing network bandwidth, by migrating only incremental changes made to on-premises servers.
  • Minimize downtime
    Incremental server replication allows you to reduce server downtime significantly.
  • Cost-effective
    Service Migration is small price at , FREE consultant and pay only for the storage resources used during the migration process.

Migrate to the cloud

Speed, scale, flexibility, and cost savings draw businesses to the cloud in increasing numbers. However, those who employ a "lift and shift" approach are destined for trouble. Cloud platforms introduce new attributes and implications that simply need expert consideration.

Cloud + Data Center Transformation can support your cloud migration from cloud strategy to ongoing managed cloud services. Key areas we can help with include

lnchub Co., Ltd

Workload assessment and application dependency mapping

lnchub Co., Ltd

Decisions regarding IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

lnchub Co., Ltd

Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

lnchub Co., Ltd

Compliance, cloud governance, and cost optimization

lnchub Co., Ltd

Cloud service procurement and development standardization

lnchub Co., Ltd

Managed Cloud services


Experts in migration

With more than three decades of experience, Cloud + Data Center Transformation offers strategy and stability throughout what can be a complex and overwhelming process. We have the knowledge to recognize common pitfalls, fine-tune procedures, and develop flexible, scalable migration and consolidation solutions.

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