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The information technology company limited operates in the field of providing develop software solutions and information technology (IT) services at the request of customers.

The products and services are built by experienced IT experts and engineers who have deployed IT services and solutions for many businesses.

Coming to The information technology company limited customers will be consulted fully and in detail about information technology products and services provided by the information technology company limited based on customer's requirements.

The information technology company limited believes in its knowledge and experience to bring the best quality of service and satisfaction to our customers.

Here at the , we are ready to have a chat or a live talk about any possible pitfalls and discuss how we can prevent them. We have result-oriented professional as DevOps teams remote, IT teams remote, Web teams remote that are addicted to a specific philosophy and methodology. Our teams know how fast delivery can let you stand out among competitors. We’re here to assist you and let you get the most from our cooperation.

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About Us

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Understand fast, act promptly. Set goals and KPIs Analysis of communication channels, Competitor analysis, Analyze target customers, User interaction With over +3 years of experience, we have had 100+ customers trust and feel satisfied.

Exhibit A hierarchy of consulting purposes

  • Providing information to a client
  • Solving a client's problems
  • Making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem
  • Making recommendations based on the diagnosis
  • Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions
  • Building a consensus and commitment around corrective action
  • Facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future
  • Permanently improving organizational effectiveness
lnchub Co., Ltd lnchub Co., Ltd

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Why choose us

Trusted company in technologies services

We are constantly innovating, applying the leading utility technologies to bring the best experience to customers.

lnchub Co., Ltd


lnchub Co., Ltd


lnchub Co., Ltd


lnchub Co., Ltd


lnchub Co., Ltd

Content Writer

lnchub Co., Ltd

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Our Expertise

  • Services on Demands
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Mobile Quotation
  • Flights and Hotels Booking
  • Medical System and Booking
  • Travel and Tours
  • Rewards and Survey system
  • E-commerce, CMS
  • And even more...

Mobile App Development

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Native IOS Swift/Objective-C
  • Native Android Java/Kotlin

Web Backend

  • PHP: Magento, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, Phalcon
  • Python: Django, Flask, FastAPI
  • NodeJS: ExpressJS, HapiJS, socket.io, NestJS
  • DB: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, MariaDB, MYSQL Server
  • Golang, .NET Core, Java, Node.js, Ruby

Web Frontend

  • AngularJS, Angular 2+
  • ReactJS, VueJS
  • Javascript, Typescript
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Scss/Sass/Less


  • AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean
  • Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift
  • Jenkins, Jenkins-x, CircleCI
  • Github Actions , Gitlab Pipeline, Redmine
  • Squid, HAProxy, FTP Server, Zabbix, Nagios
  • Apache, Nginx, Inernet Infomation Service (IIS)


  • OWASP, SonarSource, PortSwigger, Coding Standards (CERT)
  • SSL Labs, XebiaLabs, StackExchange, Secure Code Warrior
  • Snyk, JFrog, WhiteSource, Aqua Security, SafeStack
  • Imperva, Gauntlt, Spectral, Bridgecrew, Checkmarx
  • Clair, Hadolint, Pager Duty, Gopass
Our Skills

Trusted company in technologies services and support

Infrastructure & Operator
Websites Hosting
Websites Management
Content Writer
Websites Development
Websites Designing

Our Dedicated Tem For your service

lnchub Co., Ltd

John Nguyen

Chief Information Officer (CTO)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
lnchub Co., Ltd

Lee Luong

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
lnchub Co., Ltd

Duy Pham

Accounting Office Manager
lnchub Co., Ltd

Billy Williams

Business Development Manager
lnchub Co., Ltd


CEO & Founder - The Car Care Services

lnchub's Team very good for consultant, design and implement my project. because I only have idea and don't know anything but when come with lnchub's team then them help me development from zero to production and maintenance

lnchub Co., Ltd

Ms. Hang

CEO & Founder - HoaTinhYeu Shop

The has helped us deploy the Website and the internal management system accordingly, quickly and easily manipulated. With excellent solutions, I firmly believe that the will be the reliable choice of many travel companies in the future.

lnchub Co., Ltd

Danny Lum

CEO - AcePrint

In addition to the user-friendly interface and features, the support team of the always provides timely support and answers all our questions. So far, we still feel that the is the right choice to accompany and support customers during the online purchase process ...

lnchub Co., Ltd


Lead Design - EcoFarm

Always focus on taking care of, reaching out and leaving an impression on customers, since using the , we have immediately noticed the difference from feedback and application. sales from visitors, sales are constantly growing

lnchub Co., Ltd

Henry Park

CEO - Code Kids

We have worked with a few dev teams for the kids programming project but still haven't been satisfied and the cost is high but lnchub's team helped us solve this problem with professionalism, reasonable cost. and support after launched.

lnchub Co., Ltd


CEO - Workalic

The remote outsourcing service of the works very professionally, quickly, promptly and effectively. The staff is very enthusiastic. Especially, the support staff of the are detailed and enthusiastic. I am very reassuring whenever there is a question or need.

lnchub Co., Ltd


CEO - RealEstate in France

I can manage real estate trading floor with only phone, has help me save time, cost & very much in my business.

lnchub Co., Ltd


CEO - Investment Funds

Business operation system has never been so simple. Since being consulted by the and applying business processes, we have reduced operating costs by 25% when creating orders, invoices, quotes automatically. Minimize mistakes when exporting booking, managing debts or creating general reports.

If you have any query about us and our services, then fell free to contact with us

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